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What is a Dental Crown?

Dental Crowns are strong caps that are placed over your natural tooth! They are made specifically to fit your teeth and are designed to perfectly match your smile and bite. Unlike fillings, dental crowns are cemented or bonded onto your natural tooth which provides a long term solution for aesthetics and functionality.

What is the process for a Dental Crown?

The process for a dental crown usually takes place over 2 appointments. Our team will ensure that your experience will be comfortable and pain free.

Appointment 1

Once you are comfortable in our dental chair, your dentist will numb the area where the crown is to be placed. We will then remove a thin layer from the outside of the tooth to make space for the crown. During this removal, any decay or bacteria will also be removed from the tooth to ensure the crown has a solid foundation.


Once the tooth has been adequately prepared for the crown, a mould or digital scan will be taken. Whilst the crown is being made, we will place a temporary crown so you can still eat and smile.

denist in lara
denist in lara

Appointment 2

After 1 week, the temporary crown will be removed, and the fit of the final crown will be checked. Once our experienced dentist is happy with the fit, the crown will be bonded onto the tooth restoring your smile and bite.

How long will my dental crown last?

Dental Crowns are a great long-term solution. If taken care of dental crowns can often last 10-15 years or more. Since crowns are cemented onto your tooth, it is very rare that they come off or break. To get the best result, good at-home oral hygiene is required which involves daily brushing and flossing. 6 monthly dental check-ups are also ideal to ensure the health of the crown and underlying tooth is optimum.

What are the signs I need a dental crown?


Root Canal Treatment – If you have a tooth that has been root canal treated, we highly recommend that it be crowned as soon as possible. Such teeth have lost their core and become very weak and prone to fracture. Crowns are able to provide the much-needed strength, support and stabilisation.


Discolouration – Dental crowns can be placed over stained or discoloured teeth to not only increase their strength, but also improve their appearance. They are commonly used to improve stained or discoloured smiles.


Fracture/Wear – Teeth that have lost a lot of structure can often be saved with dental crowns. This is commonly used when a significant portion of the tooth has been compromised and so a simple filling won’t work.

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How much does a Dental Crown cost?

On average, the cost of a dental crown can range from $1200 to $1800

There are various factors which can affect the cost of your dental crown. Some of these factors may include:

The position of the tooth in the mouth

The material used to make the crown

The difficulty of the crown procedure

Do I have a choice in material for my dental crown?

There are a variety of materials available for use when making a Dental Crown. Depending on the position in the mouth and what we are trying to achieve, our dentist will recommend the best material for you.

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1. Metal Crowns

These tend to be the strongest material however are not the best when it comes to aesthetics.

dentist in lara

2. PFM Crowns

Porcelain fused to metal crowns incorporate an inner metal layer and an outer porcelain layer. This allows us to take advantage of the strength of metal along with the aesthetics of tooth coloured porcelain.

dentist in lara

3. Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain is the most commonly used material in dentistry today. Although we don’t have the strength of metal, we are able to replicate an amazing smile as this material has the best aesthetics. This material is most commonly used for smile makeovers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of a dental crown varies person to person depending on the amount of tooth that needs to be protected and the material of your crown. On average the price of a crown ranges from $1200 to $1400. During your first consultation, our dentist in lara will explain the complete procedure and give you an accurate cost. Once you’re satisfied with what you’ve heard, we will then begin the treatment.

Generally dental crowns last for about 5-15 years. To get the most of your dental crown, make sure you visit our dental clinic for regular dental check-ups and consistently practice effective oral habits like brushing, flossing, and healthy eating at home.

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