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Sedation dentistry in Lara

At Dazzling Smiles Dental Lara we offer sedation dentistry for our anxious patients. Sedation dentistry, also often referred to as sleep dentistry, involves using medication or intravenous sedation to make dental procedures in anxious patients easier and help them to be able to have treatment. Sedation will help reduce recollection, pain and awareness during a dental procedure.
By being drowsy and numb during the procedure, sleep dentistry alleviates fear and anxiety that may often be associated with dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry is the perfect choice for patients who have:

  1. Have had negative dental experiences.
  2. Severe dental anxiety 
  3. Difficult to achieve numbness.
  4. Bad gag reflex.
  5. Highly sensitive teeth.
  6. Have Complex Dental requirements.
  7. Time constrained to complete dental treatment.
  8. Detest sounds, smells and noises related to dental care.
  9. Experience Nervousness about needles and injections.


Yes! It can be easier for children to undergo dental treatments while they are sedated. We will need the consent of parents or legal guardians before proceeding.
Yes, it’s completely safe as long as it’s performed by a trained and licensed medical professional. As your Lara dentists, your safety is our number one concern, and you will be closely monitored to ensure your safety under sedation.
If you have been delaying your dental treatment, due to any of the above, then sleep dentistry in Lara, Victoria may be right for you. To book your appointment all us on (03) 5282 2222 or book your appointment online
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