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Porcelain Fillings in Lara

At Dazzling Smiles Dental Lara we offer high-quality Porcelain Fillings to treat cavities, cracked and broken teeth. Compared to other treatment options for decayed teeth, porcelain fillings have improved strength, function and appearance and are able to effectively save a broken-down tooth that may otherwise be lost.

Importance of Porcelain Fillings

If ignored, tooth decay can spread beyond tooth enamel and into the sensitive portions of the teeth. If decay reaches the pulp, root canal therapy/treatment or extraction may be the only options. This is why your dentists in Lara aim to fill your cavities before they get worse.

During the Porcelain fillings procedure your dentist will remove the decayed portions of your tooth and fill the area with durable porcelain. This long lasting material can be moulded to the tooths normal shape so that it can look and function correctly.

Benefits of porcelain fillings:

  1. Durable
  2. Aesthetically pleasing
  3. Chemically stable
  4. Wear-resistant
  5. Long-lasting

Porcelain Fillings Procedure :

Before filling, our Dazzling Smiles dentists will administer anaesthesia to numb your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues to avoid pain and discomfort during the procedure. Next, the decay will be removed and replaced with a filling material.

When finished, your mouth will remain partially numb for a few hours. There are no significant risks linked with porcelain fillings, but be sure to keep our contact details handy in case you have any concerns.


If you take good care of your teeth, they should last 15 years or longer.
Good candidates for porcelain fillings are anyone who has cavities or decayed teeth that need fillings, or those who have metal fillings they would like removed and replaced.

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