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Porcelain Bridges in Lara

Benefits of Getting Porcelain Bridges on Your Smile

None of us likes having dental issues, however, life happens and sometimes you find yourself needing your tooth or teeth-replacing its good to know there are some tried and tested methods for getting your smile back to normal. One of these methods is porcelain bridges.
Read on to find out how Porcelain Bridges in Lara can help you.

What are Porcelain Bridges and How can They Help Me?

Porcelain bridges are dental prosthetics that are added to the teeth to make the damaged tooth appear normal. You will have normal function and range with your bridge once treatment is completed.

Why Porcelain Bridges?

Porcelain is actually a very durable and hardy material. It can also successfully mimic tooth colour and is easily moulded when replacing the tooth. After it has been set it becomes extremely strong.

When Would I Need a Porcelain Bridge?

You might need a porcelain bridge if you need a solution for a missing tooth from:

  1. Dental trauma
  2. Dental cavities resulting in the loss of a tooth
  3. Your teeth are discoloured
  4. Root canal treatment has been performed
  5. On top of dental implants
  6. You’d prefer a fixed alternative to dentures

How will Porcelain Bridges Help Me?

If you’ve recently had dental trauma or further dental treatment such as root canal, porcelain bridges can give you the confidence to smile again. You will also recover fully and have total mouth function quite quickly. Missing teeth can cause irregular jaw long term so replacing your missing teeth with a porcelain bridge can help mitigate any further damage to your jaw and teeth.

Does It Take a Long Time to Insert a Porcelain Bridge?

Most porcelain bridges can be completed in a short period of time, usually in the space of a regular appointment and a follow-up appointment. It can also be in the comfort of your trusted dentist’s chair, with no day surgery required.
You are usually required to make two appointments so a temporary bridge can be inserted and the follow up is to implement the permanent bridge.

How Can I Go About Getting a Porcelain Bridge?

Contact your trusted dentist in Lara and make an appointment to discuss your options. Getting a porcelain bridge in Lara has never been easier!

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