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Root Canal Treatment in Lara

A root canal treatment is a procedure that helps to repair an infected or dead, tooth which has been damaged due to decay, trauma, or gum disease.

If the tooth is left untreated, the tissue around the tooth and bone can become further infected, which can result in an abscess, swelling, and pain. A root canal treatment will consist of 3 appointments, generally spaced 1-2 weeks apart. The first appointment will involve the nerve/infection within the tooth being removed, to stop pain and infection. The second appointment consists of shaping the narrow root canals within the tooth, and some further cleaning and disinfection. The third appointment involves filling the well shaped canals and making sure the inside of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, and sealed.

Signs You May Need a Root Canal Treatment in Lara

A Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is required when the pulp or nerve of the tooth is inflamed, infected, or dead.

If you think you might need Root Canal Treatment in Lara, here are some signs to watch out for:

1. Severe pain in the affected tooth, which may travel to the head/neck/ear/eyes.
2. Sensitivity to extreme temperatures such as hot and cold, with lingering pain that lasts for more than a few seconds.
3. Discolouration of the tooth due to trauma.
4. Swollen face or gums.
5. Pain on applying pressure to the tooth during chewing.
6. Waking up/not being able to sleep due to throbbing pains.

If you are experiencing all, or some, of these symptoms it is recommended by our Dentist in Lara that you urgently book in for a consultation as it indicates that you may be in need of a root canal treatment.

What to Expect During a Root Canal Treatment in Lara?

The following steps will occur during your Root Canal Treatment at Dazzling Smiles Dental Clinic in Lara:

1. Comprehensive examination/X-Ray: If your Lara dentist suspects that you may need a root canal, x-rays will be taken, or existing x-rays will be examined to see where the decay and infection is located.
2. Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia is administered to the affected tooth. We want to stress that this process is PAIN-FREE.
3. Pulpectomy: A small opening is made through the infected tooth and the infected pulp and nerve are removed. This will stop both pain, infection and swelling.
4. Shaping: The canals within the tooth are shaped, cleaned and ready to be filled.
5. Filling: The root canals that have been cleaned and shaped are ready to be filled and sealed to prevent further infection.

What is the Root Canal Cost?

The cost of root canal treatment in Lara depends on several factors, such as:

– Position of the tooth in the mouth
– The severity of infection within the tooth
– The number of canals within the tooth
– The curvature of the roots

On average, the root canal procedure starts from around $1,000, and can go up to $1,800.


How much does a Root Canal cost?

The price of a root canal varies from person to person based of a variety of different factors such as the position of the tooth in the mouth and the difficulty of the procedure. The cost of a Root Canal in Dazzling Smiles Dental Lara can range from $1000 to $1800. At Dazzling Smiles, we are upfront about all our treatment costs and can give you an exact quote during your first consultation.

How much does a root canal treatment cost without insurance?

Depending on your level of cover with your chosen insurance company, a certain percentage of the root canal cost is covered by your rebate. This can be anywhere from 20% to 60%.

Why is root canal treatment necessary?

Root Canal Treatment is required when the nerve of a tooth is either infected or dead. Infection of the nerves most often results from decay within the tooth or trauma. This infection most often leads to pain and swelling until the infection is removed or the tooth is extracted.

How many dental visits do I need to complete my root canal treatment?

The number of appointments required for Root Canal Treatment in Lara varies person to person depending on the difficulty of the tooth. In most cases at least 3 appointments are required which are generally spaced 2 weeks apart. All infection and pain ceases after the very first appointment.

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