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Root Canal Treatment in Lara

Root Canal is a treatment which helps to repair an infected tooth which has been damaged due to decay, fracture or gum disease. During the procedure of root canal, the pulp and the nerve are removed and the tooth’s inside is thoroughly cleansed, and sealed. If left untreated, the tissue around the tooth may be infected and will result in an abscess, swelling and pain.

Signs you may need a root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is required when the pulp of the tooth is inflamed, infected, or dead.
The below signs may indicate the need for a root canal:

  1. Severe pain in the affected tooth
  2. Sensitivity to extreme temperatures such as hot and cold with lingering pain
  3. Discolouration of a tooth due to trauma
  4. Swollen face or gums
  5. Sensitive gums which are painful when chewing

What to expect during a root canal treatment

The following steps will occur during your root canal appointment:

  1. Comprehensive examination/ X-ray– if your dentist suspects you may need a root canal, x-rays wil be taken or existing x-rays will be examined to see where the decay and infection is located
  2. Anaesthesia – local anaesthesia is administered to the affected tooth
  3. Pulpectomy – an opening is made and the infected tooth pulp and nerve is removed
  4. ShapingThe canals within the tooth are shaped and cleaned ready to be filled.
  5. Filling  – the root canals that have been cleaned and shaped are filled and sealed to prevent further infection.


The procedure typically takes 1-2 hours, depending on the details of the procedure you’re having, and the type of tooth involved. The treatment can often be completed in a single visit. At times, a second appointment may be required.
When the pulp of a tooth becomes infected and swollen, a root canal may be necessary. The causes of infection include tooth decay, a fractured tooth, an injury, or a failed dental crown or filling.
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